R&D Center


Our mission

Our ultimate goal is to develop efficient product solutions based on state-of-the-art thermoplastic pultrusion technologies. Working hand to hand with industrial or commercial partners is our privileged approach. In such co-development, CQFD Composites brings all its expertise in composite design, material formulation and product development, integrating also other thermoplastic technologies such as injection, co-extrusion or extrusion.

We like to understand your needs and work out a solution from requirements stage to a validated product. With a good understanding of the processing options, the composite material properties and a bit of creativity, our R&D team will support you in your composite developments.

What do we do ?

We try to keep up with the emerging raw materials and novel composite technologies to be able to propose the most appropriated process and the best suited materials. If thermoplastic pultrusion is not the best option for your project, we will also tell you…

Our capacities

Our staff and partners

Our staff is only composed of skilled Technicians, Engineers and Doctors in the fields of Process development, Polymer Chemistry, Mechanical science and Pultrusion process.

We also work in close relation with acknowledged Universities or Laboratories such as LPIM (UHA-Mulhouse (FR)), Ecole des Mines de Paris (FR), or technical centres such as CETIM CERMAT-Mulhouse (FR), specialized organisation (PVF- Pole véhicule du future) or experienced raw material suppliers.

Our facilities

With 4 pultrusion lines dedicated to thermoplastic pultrusion development, CQFD Composites offers a unique confidential R&D environment in Europe to develop novel thermoplastic composite products. We work from the genuine concept to the manufacturing stage.