CQFD Composites
is a R&D company specialized in the field of pultrusion
with a main focus on thermoplastic pultrusion

As a start up company, CQFD Composites has spent over
3 years of R&D work to develop a novel proprietary
to produce structural recyclable thermoplastic
composite profiles
. This innovative pultrusion technology is

marketed under the registered brand name ThermoGlass® and is

mainly commercialized through technology transfer.
CQFD Composites
is a product-oriented company and operates new product developments

on its own pilot pultrusion equipment. This industrial pultrusion line dedicated
to development work offers a great confidential environment to develop new

pultruded products without any commitment on future production.
CQFD Composites
is a French R&D tax saving accredited company. This governmental accreditation authorizes its customers to save from 30% to 50% off from their R&D spending
(See www.enseignementsup-recherche.gouv.fr)

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ThermoGlass® pultrusion technology developed by CQFD Composites opens the route for novel reshapable thermo-inorganic composites profiles which benefit from the amazing properties of a high content (up to 80%) of inorganic fibres evenly impregnated with thermoplastic matrix.

ThermoGlass® offers a unique know-how to manufacture high strength thermoplastic structural profiles intended for mass applications as an alternative to aluminium profiles and traditional thermoset composites.

ThermoGlass® is a high added value one step process designed for the production of advanced thermoplastic composite profiles best used in load bearing structures, assemblies, light weight applications, corrosive environments, electrical and thermal insulation or all combined together!

CQFD Composites offers several work packages related to the ThermoGlass® pultrusion technology :

- Thermoplastic Technology Transfer

CQFD Composites proposes licenses of its proprietary ThermoGlass® technology and transfers all the necessary Know-How to efficiently use the technology.

- Joint Product Development
In collaboration with selected industrial and/or commercial partners, CQFD Composites brings its pultrusion and product development expertise to support the development of innovative thermoplastic pultruded composite solutions.

- Profile Production
CQDF Composites is committed to find the best production scenario for its customers. Options ranging from technology transfer to the customer, technology transfer to a third party, or in-house production, are available. These options are investigated on a case per case basis.


CQFD Composites is strongly involved in innovative product development.
With a staff composed of young engineers and doctors with background in the fields of pultrusion, product development and polymer chemistry, CQFD Composites has a built a good experience in composite product development with a portfolio of 11 patents and several on going partnerships.
CQFD Composites assists companies that wish to integrate the benefits of pultruded composite materials (as an alternative to Aluminium for instance) in their product range and brings its pultrusion expertise without any commitment on future production scenario.
Side competences are also covering prototyping, project management and project funding research.
CQFD Composites offers several work packages related to its pultrusion expertise and equipment :
- Pultruded Composite Engineering

Based on its expertise in composite profiles development, CQFD Composites engineers optimum pultruded profile configuration with respect to its customer targeted cost and expected performances.
- Pultrusion Designed Materials

CQFD Composites collaborates with raw material manufacturers to optimize their product for the thermoplastic and thermoset pultrusion process.
- Production and Process Support

CQFD Composites can assist any manufacturing company to set up pultrusion equipments, to start new profiles or to improve its pultrusion process efficiency.



CQFD Composites
19, rue Louis Guerin
69100 Villeurbanne - France
Email : info@cqfd-composites.com
Contact person : Frank Chauzu +33 6 62 12 36 69